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This form is to be used to submit application or data issues encountered when using any of the EagleApps Modules including Enrollment, Student Accounts, Institutional Awards or Financial Aid.

Media Technology Services event support for the Newton Campus.

Form to request for new B.C. Eagle I.D. Card

Form to submit a Course Withdrawal request

ITS Operational Data Store (ODS) includes MDM

This Service is for Requesting an Account for the Oracle Training Database

University Tech Acquisition

Create a Non-Infrastructure Capital Project Request
(For any project that requires Capital funding from Non-Infrastructure Budget)

Create an Infrastructure Capital Project Request
(For any project that requires Capital funding from the Infrastructure Budget)

ITS Oracle Enterprise Business Applications includes BI Publisher, APEX, and Peoplesoft

This form should be used to submit requests for access to any of the applications supported by Student Services. This includes all EagleApps modules as outlined below for selection as well as Institutional Awards and Financial Aid (Prosam.) Please note that all requests will be reviewed for approval so it is important to provide detail on why you require this access.

STUDENTS: EagleApps registration modules will become available in the Portal based on semester and your school. Full details and schedule:

Research Services provides consultation, training, and tutorials to support computing and research at Boston College

ITS Telephone services includes telephone system, acd queue, conference calling, phone, phone number, sip (voip), name display, ldac, and update direct extension

Public Film Screening Rights Request and BC Movie Stream

ITS Graphic and Photography Services includes graphic and photography services

ITS Classroom Technology Support includes classroom support

MTS Audio Services includes request for audio production & recording services for an academic or administrative project.

Submit a request for Grade Change.

Note: If a faculty member needs to update an entire course of grades, please email with this request.