Project Defaults - General Section


Under the Manage portion of a selected project (in the 'Projects/Workspaces' tab) there is a 'General' section for the project manager to utilize.


Below are some key portions of this section to remember:

1. Client Portal Visibility

Make sure that the setting for this function is "This project will only be visible to logged in users".


2. Project Time by Plan (Start/End Date)

The project must have accurate start and end dates in order to properly reflect scheduled project and resource hours.


3. Type

Make sure the type of project is listed in this section. Click the magnifying glass to search the list of project types.


4. Resources

Change the setting of Resource Schedule Editing to "Do not allow resources pool managers to edit schedules" and the setting of Resource Management to "Manage By Project". Any schedule changes that need to be made must be done by the project manager (contact PM to make changes).

The following questions should be addressed when managing resources:

  1. Are the correct resources assigned to the project?
  2. Do all projects resources have a schedule?
  3. Are the resource schedules accurate – hours may have been distributed across the duration of the project and may not reflect when the work needs to be done.
  4. When project is underway:
    1. Have any resources completed their assignments and are no longer needed on the project?
    2. Do these resources have hours scheduled in the future?
      1. If yes – please update the resource schedule.
      2. Do not change end date (bring forward) before changing resource schedules.

5. Options

Check the box for "Allow project-level time entry". This will allow a resource to enter time regardless of whether they were assigned a task by the project manager.


6. ITS Director

Make sure a director is assigned to the project. Click the arrow to open a dropdown list of ITS directors.



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