Change Management Process - Financial

This is the process that should be followed when a change occurs on a project that affects the financial aspect of the project such as needing more funding, or extending a consultant or having to purchase something not previously accounted for.


  1. Click on Issues under your Project in the left menu to get to the project’s issue page. Click the “New” button to begin. A new window will pop up 

2. In the New Issue window fill out the Title, Category = Change Management, Priority, Description, Start & End Dates (if you know them), and assign who is responsible. You can also choose to notify people, both on and off the project. Please be sure to notify the Sponsor. Once this is filled out click Save.

3. Go in the Change Management folder in Briefcase and download the appropriate change management file i.e. Financial Change Management.

4. Complete the template file and rename.

5. Upload the renamed template into the project briefcase.

6. Open the Issue you created. Click the Actions button and select “Forward”.

7. Attach the filled out Change Management file and send to the appropriate people for review. Financial Review = Tom Rezendes & Mary Schorr. Please be sure to copy the Sponsor on this note as well.

8. Receive approval or rejection of change request.

9. Place copy of approval or rejection within the Briefcase.

10. Update issue status.

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