Using My Work

My Work contains all of the tasks/work that you are currently working on.

To access My Work, select "My Work" from the applications menu, then click "My Work" from the sidebar on the left. 

            Applications Menu

From here you can comment on, update, or add time to your task/work.

To add a comment, click the "Comment" button.

Add a comment, select who you'd like to notify of your comment, and then click save.

To update a task, click the "Update" button.

In the window that pops up, you can update many aspects of your task.

When you are finished updating, click the save button.

To add time to a task, click the "Add Time" button. 

In the pop up box, you can edit the times and time types for the task by day.

When you are finished editing, click save.

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