Reports to Self - Errors and Corrective Actions

Employee/Consultant Report to Self - Report and Tasks

Description: All employee resources in BCWorks report to their resource manager. All consultant resources report to their sponsor.  The “report to” person is responsible for approving weekly timesheets.  This report and set of tasks capture any exceptions and corrective actions that need to be taken.  Consultants may have actions taken (e.g. end date extended) that may trigger a refresh of the record to BCWorks via the People Import process. This resets some data values in the person record and requires a System Administrator to reset them.


Sample Consultant Record – with correct values


Same record with values reset in error – (Hourly Bill Rate, Hourly Cost Rate,  Daily Capacity, User Capcity is managed, User should report time, Reports to (Set to self), and Metaprocure-Cons is blank.


Process to check for and correct any errors:

  1.  A daily report Automated Report Delivery: Consultants/Employees - Report to Self Report is sent via email to a defined set of Sys Admins. The output is in Excel format.
  2. The recipient opens the Excel Spreadsheet and checks for errors in the following way:
    1. In Column I, Row 8 enter the following formula - =IF(A9=B9,"Y","N") - NOTE: this may be automated by creating a macro for this formula if you choose.
    2. Coulmn I is populated with Y or N.
    3. Use the filter to select only “Y” – this gives you the list of records that need to be corrected.  In the example below the record for Aaron Stephens is in error.


  1. Log into BCWorks and go to the Admin Tab.
  2. Select Users, and then search for and select user to be corrected.
  3. Update the fields as follows:

Hourly Bill Rate – 1

Hourly Cost Rate – 1

Check box for User Capacity is Managed

Update Daily Capacity to 7 or 8 depending on the Consultant

Check box for User should report time

Delete name listed in Reports To field

Search for Person who should be in Reports To (can start typing name)

Select YES for Metaprocure-Cons if the timesheet is sent to VNDLY

  1. Click SAVE to save the updated data



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