Entering Project Time

URL for timesheet: bc.teandynamix.com

Use your BC Username and Password to login.

If My Work tab not visible

1.  Click on App Menus Icon and select My Work


To enter Project time:

  1. Go to My Work.
  2. Select My Time Card.


  1. Select the Add Time button.


  1. In Project/Workspace, select Project Name.


  1. In the Time Type field, select The options are: 
    • Analysis - Analysis, Design, Requirements
    • Audit/Compliance – Compliance efforts non-project related
    • Communications - Communications development
    • Implement - Develop, Test, Implement, Install/Config
    • IT Research - Temporary investigation of a technology (HW, SW, process) with goal of learning and/or expanding knowledge
    • Support - any support-related tasks
    • Training -  Delivering training 
  2. Enter the appropriate hours in the appropriate day(s), and a description, if desired.


  1. Click Save.


  1. To make corrections to a time entered please do the following (NOTE: DO NOT ENTER ANY NEGATIVE TIME ENTRIES)

Click on the time that you want to correct and a window with that entry opens up.

Click on edit and change the entry or click on delete and create a new time entry.



  1. To submit your timesheet once all entries have been entered:

    Timesheets should be submitted for approval at end of day Friday (each week) and no later that Monday by 10:00 AM if submitting on Friday is an issue.

Click on Submit Final

Click on OK

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